Christians and the two years old boy

   God is always ready to protect us and bless us, but we can lose that protection and blessing when we bring to him the filth and stench. These are the things that make the angel that represents Him flee from the place we live, or from the company of the person for whom that protection and blessing was directed to. In the category of stenches that set God or his angels apart from us, are, among others, the shedding of innocent blood, fornication, sexual pollution, abortion, unnatural practices in any sense, idolatry, sodomy, witchcraft, spiritualism, dishonest gain of benefits or money, believing that others are less valuable than us, lying, and everything that goes against any divine ordinance or against something that at any light is natural, holy and honest.

   God wants to give each and every human being a proportionally equal work, an important destiny in proportion to their gifts. It is us, human beings who, putting in or letting in filth into our soul, around us, where we have or should have authority, and in society around us, prevent the permanence of God's angel next to us, for not obeying His laws.

   Our lack of knowledge and cleanliness with respect to God is like that of a father and his two-year-old son. The father wants to take the boy where he is going. The child is dressed for the occasion. But the son has been playing with mud, his mouth and hands are full of chocolate and he has soiled his pants. The father wants to hug him and carry him, take him with him, but he can't. He loves him...but the son force his father to love him......from afar. He can't include him in his affairs, the son does not want to be cleaner than what he is. The boy likes his play with mud and his chocolates, and cares very little about being dirty. He needs to learn!

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