Peril of believing that the Church shall be raptured before the Great Tribulation

Peril of believing that the Church shall be raptured before the Great Tribulation

Saint Paul said: Prove all things, hold fast that which is good”.

      The peril of believing that the Church shall be raptured before the Great Tribulation, hinges on the fact that the Christian will cease to be alert to the prophecies and the current circumstances which surround them. If they were alert, they could escape as instructed by the Lord. The Christians of the first century had to be alert so they could flee as soon as they saw Jerusalem surrounded by armies, as Jesus had foretold.

      If the brethren rely on a Rapture that does not come before the Great Tribulation, they shall be the victims of the error in which they were drilled.

      The responsibility upon those that teach this false Rapture hinges on the fact that we put our brethren to slumber with a lie, and we deprive them of availing themselves of God's provision to protect us from the Great Tribulation.

      The responsibility of preaching the lie of the Rapture previous to the Great Tribulation is very great. Let us search for the truth so that we do not stain our hands with the blood of our brethren which we have misled. For each careless word that we speak, we shall give an account in the Day of Judgment.

      This book, "Rapture Vs Ingathering or Fiction Vs Reality", demonstrates that there is an Ingathering of the Christians after the Great Tribulation, and during the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. But there is no Rapture previous to the Great Tribulation.

      God promises to spare his children from the Great Tribulation, but they must remain alert regarding what they will have to do, just like the Christians of the first century had to be alert in order to flee as soon as they saw Jerusalem surrounded by armies, as Jesus had foretold.

      The Rapture previous to the Great Tribulation is a deception, as warned by the apostle Paul when he said: Let no one deceive you in any way, because it shall not come without first appearing the apostasy and the man of sin, the son of perdition is manifested.”

      Paul knew that someone would try to deceive the brethren, with respect to Christ coming to get us before the arrival of the antiChrist. This is an issue of vital importance; read this book, because as Paul said: examine everything, retain what is good.

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      It is a typical mode of operation of our Lord God, to always provide his own with an escape route, whenever He sends a catastrophe. This benefit is received if, and only if, His people are open to the signs that He has provided in His word, for the purpose of warning of the imminence of the tragedy. God will save from the Great Tribulation those servants that are attentive to his word, but not by removing them from the planet by means of this imaginary rapture before the Great Tribulation, but rather by giving them the opportunity of finding refuge in that place that the Lord Jesus Christ reveals with the name of the wilderness”. It will be demonstrated in chapter 6 of the aforementioned book.

      To believe in the Rapture before the Great Tribulation is like believing that the Earth is flat. To try to help somebody abandon an error that was taught to them since they were born is a very difficult task, because that concept has become rooted in their mind and personality.

      This was the enormous difficulty that Christopher Columbus experienced in convincing the professors and wise men of the University of Salamanca, to approve his plan. He said to them that due to the roundness of the Earth, and not flatness, as they believed, he could look for India by navigating towards the West instead of the East. Since those professors and learned men had grown up with the error that the Earth was flat, and additionally, the whole World knew that the Earth was flat, they did not allow Columbus to convince them.

      The hypothesis of a Rapture before the Great Tribulation falls in this category of errors learned from birth. This theory survives by changing the meaning of words and phrases, such as first”, final”, twinkling of an eye”, saints”, second”, church”, coming”, etc., all of which I shall demonstrate throughout this book I recommend you to read.

      Few even consider discussing this matter. It hurts their comfort zone, it forces them to reason, it leads them to differ with their denomination and their friends, because all of them believe in such Rapture previous to the Great Tribulation.

      If we were to believe that something is true simply because it is believed by many people, then instead of being evangelical Christians, we would be Catholics, Buddhists or Animists, since any of these beliefs is held by more people than those that hold ours.

      Practically all of the brothers that teach this harmful doctrine of the rapture, do it innocently. Since the time they were born to the gospel, it is what they were taught, it was drilled into them; in other words they have been deceived in it. But they can free themselves of this fallacy with a small effort: by analyzing what others, that do not believe the same, have to say about this issue. In this case they can analyze what is presented in this book. It is worth making the effort, not only for their sakes, but because of the terrible responsibility of passing-on this deception to others.

      God has always provided an escape route for his people. This escape route is dependent on his saints knowing the word of God and staying alert to the events and circumstances surrounding them.

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