Sodom is located in the depths of the Dead Sea

   Genesis 14:1-2 tells us about the confederation of kings who were going to war against the coalition of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboiim. The next verse (14:3) tells us that those infuriating kings met in the valley of Siddim, which is the Salt Sea." By telling us the valley of Siddim is the Salt Sea, we know that at the time the war was taking place, it was known as the valley of Siddim, however, when this piece of history was written, it was known as the Salt Sea or Dead Sea.


       "1 And it came to pass in the days of Amraphel king of Shinar, Arioch king of Ellasar, Chedorlaomer king of Elam, and Tidal king of nations; 2 that these made war with Bera king of Sodom, and with Birsha king of Gomorrah, Shinab king of Admah, and Shemeber king of Zeboiim, and the king of Bela, which is Zoar. 3 All these were joined together in the vale of Siddim, which is the Salt Sea."                                                                  (Gn 14:1-3)

   Therefore, if the valley of Siddim truly is the Salt Sea, then we can conclude that the cities of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboiim, which were once located in the valley of Siddim, are now buried in the depths of the Salt Sea.

   Another reason to take into consideration is the fact that the valley of Siddim is no longer mentioned in the Bible after the burning of Sodom and its surrounding areas. After this, it was no longer recognized as a valley.

   Today what we know as the Dead Sea, in Joshua 3:16, is known as the Salt Sea. This is proven by the fact that the Israelites crossed the Jordan at a same height of Jericho, a city that is found less than 20 kms north of the Dead Sea. If we look at a map of the region, we will see that the only "sea" the Jordan could empty its waters in was the Dead Sea. Therefore, as you can see, what they call the Salt Sea could be no other than the Dead Sea.


       "That the waters which came down from above stood and rose up upon an heap very far from the city Adam, that is beside Zaretan; and those that came down toward the Sea of the Plain, even the Salt Sea, failed, and were cut off; and the people passed over right against Jericho." ( Jos 3:16)

   Another piece of evidence, which proves that the Salt Sea is what we know as the Dead Sea today, is found in Nm 34:3. In this verse, the Salt Sea is in the east while the Mediterranean Sea or Great Sea (34:6) is in the west.


       "3 Then your south quarter shall be from the wilderness of Zin along by the coast of Edom, and your south border shall be the outmost coast of the Salt Sea eastward; 4 and your border shall turn from the south to the ascent of Akrabbim, and pass on to Zin; and the going forth thereof shall be from the south to Kadeshbarnea, and shall go on to Hazaraddar, and pass on to Azmon. 5 And the border shall fetch a compass from Azmon unto the river of Egypt, and the goings out of it shall be at the sea. 6 And as for the western border, ye shall even have the Great Sea for a border; this shall be your west border."                                                                                (Nm 34:3-6)

      After proving that the Salt Sea is the Dead Sea, and having seen Gn 14:3 which states that the valley of Siddim is the Salt Sea, it is easy to conclude that what once was the four homosexual cities in the Bible, are now submerged in the depths of the Dead Sea.

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