The Tactics Used by the Serpent in Eden are the Same Today

The tactics used by the serpent in Eden are the same today

   I the Garden of Eden the serpent said that what God said could not be eaten, could, in fact, be eaten. Today, the same serpent says once again that what God says that cannot be eaten, can, in fact be eaten. This satanic tactics is the same because it brings him results, why change it? Today, the serpent whispers in the ears of many that Paul said that what God had commanded not to eat, in reality, can be eaten. History repeats itself, the technique does not change: why change something that brings in results?

   It looks as if we were listening to devilish dialog, something like, So God said, you cannot eat any meat?” And humans say, We can eat of all clean animals, like cattle, fish with fins and scales, clean poultry, etc.; but animals and fish that are forbidden we cannot eat.” So the serpent responds, “God knows that the day you eat the forbidden animals you are going to be under the grace and not under the law.” And then, millions of Christians do what the serpent tells them, they eat the forbidden animals.

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