Daniel 7

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Dear Brother:

     This book has helped me to understand the prophecy of Daniel 7. By understanding this prophecy I have been able to identify in what period of God's plan we are in and teach it to others.
     The author, a friend of mine whom the Lord used in my conversion, sent me the manuscript so as to get my opinion. I saw it so useful, that I brought it to the church body and we decided to become involved in its distribution.
     I exhort you to read it earnestly, given the importance and urgency of the matter it talks about. Please, share this book with your brethren. If you have some other pastoral friends who could benefit from this book, please give them the Internet address below or send us their names and addresses and we will send them a book at no charge; especially, those out of the United States.
     It's contents is perfect for revival campaigns to attract non believers to church, giving them an honest and real insight into prophecy and a clear picture of the near future, including the year 2,000. This is an issue that has always interested the general public, and the church could benefit spiritually from it. Handouts or slides could be made out of the 35 pictures the book has, as well as from the verses needed to be used in the sermons of the revival campaign, as the teaching guide suggest.
     The book has also been written in Spanish to help our Hispanic brethren in Christ. I suggested including a teaching guide in the last pages of the book, in order to help our Church leaders to easily teach its contents.
     If you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Ramon Aleman

P.O. Box 235, Hennessey, OK 73742
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Wishing you the Lord's richest blessings



Ramon Aleman
Catalytic Missionary of
North American Mission Board
S.B.C. U.S.A.